How to Succeed Faster with Great Shortcuts of Masters and Champions and Millionaires, with Mr-Shortcut the uncle of EyeCandy

Chocolate EyeCandy, leading you to the greatest shortcuts of all time

How do we accelerate our success??

Duplicating the acts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires!

          Genius recognizes talent                                                                   while mediocrity cannot see beyond itself                                                                                                        Dream.                          Dream and persist.

Click your box of chocolates, containing a better path, a faster way.

Double Your Results With the Shortcuts Route For Life - Great Shortcuts For Success


Delve Into Your Shortcuts Route For Life To Achieve Great Things.... MUCH Faster

Without even knowing in advance how many things you do with one hand that you COULD be doing with two hands,
you will find it relatively simple, and easy, too, to incorporate YOUR great shortcuts proven most of all to work reliably.
Instead of just trying to do things faster, which can 'sloppify' performance, the goal is to improve performance and speed.

Thorough, habitual use of your great shortcuts saves much more than time, although time itself is your most value of resources.
As well, the QUALITY of what you do tends to continue rising, until YOU, too, find yourself in the ranks of our world-class masters.
Meandering through millions of unique web pages on 1,089± websites, you can say you've been to the Shortcuts Route For Life
Largest Personal Website On The Internet

... all for you, in pursuit of YOUR personal and professional best.    Free for your life.
This is the Shortcuts Route For Life of Masters and Champions and Millionaires

From personally interviewing and/or breaking bread with 5,200 self-made masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires,
watching precisely how these master performers of life attain the heights of excellence, because doing as they do is the path to yielding as they do,
combined with reading a book or more per day for many thousands of days...

... and living the great shortcuts to the maximum of imagination and achievement,
and all the iterations of the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life,
have conclusively proven that the persistent happy use of great shortcuts
inevitably yields us greater results in most everything that we humans do.

These are the shortcuts, the PowerGems, that work approximately one hundred percent of the time
for approximately one hundred percent of all the human beings
who simply ADOPT AND EMBRACE, full engaging and using...
any one or more of their 'favorite' shortcuts, ... a hundred or more times. each.

So, no major complications there, right?

There is a wealth of commentary upon this, and then there is action upon this.
Those who comment have zero mathematical hope of worthwhile achievement.
Those who act upon this great shortcut are assured of accelerated excellence.
Hence, the name...

The Shortcuts Route For Life ... FROM and OF Leaders and Role Models

Those who do it better know it better. That's your first shortcut:
Instead of YOUR trial and error, learn from other people's mistakes and successes.

Maintain awareness of the speed of time.
It's passing by much faster than you realize,
because, if you DID recognize it,
would you not take more action?

Consider the time saved in getting that great cookie recipe from someone who bakes really wonderful cookies rather than do it by guesswork, trial and error.
Is this true to you, or not? The excellent shortcut of finding someone doing it better, and another someone doing it better, and another, and another...
shows itself to be a great, effective pathway within YOUR Shortcuts Route For Life, as it does for master or millionaire, champion or billionaire.
THEIR methods are the great shortcuts for all of us to learn, and make use of. Shortcuts can make such a major difference in our lives,
so you're heartily encouraged to make use of these Masters and Millionaires websites, at least 2,389 MisterShortcut websites,
which required a personal investment of some eighty thousand minutes beyond the one-million-minute mark, for YOU.

You read that correctly.

Now two decades, 1,000+ weeks, investing sixteen and more hours per day to build 2,389 developed websites filled with the greatest,
most powerfully effective shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires that are warranted to work for you, too.

Why would you ask someone IF they wish to date you? That's half a chance of "yes" or "no," and that's being optimistic, to say the least.
Is it not wiser to use the shortcut of offering choices, rather than merely 'yes' or 'no?' Double your "yes" rate with significant speed and skill.

Each of these carefully-designed web pages and websites are here to serve their greatest purpose:
Helping YOU to help yourself to become YOUR greatest... that you might then go help the helpless.
By helping you to get healthier and wealthier, living a happier life, the energy shall continue on,
so you can pay yourself first, better-equipping you to feed hungry children with our extra profit.
Yes, 'our,' it belongs to student AND teacher, you're obliged to share with the helpless, not me.

We do it together, and YOU get to shine.   Fair enough?

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Shortcuts Route For Life Chocolate EyeCandy Capital Shapetalk

Chocolate EyeCandy is why we have arrived, to tell the world how chocolate makes us thrive,
chocolate eyecandy from chocolate eyecandy, and how we pursue websites that look dandy.
Chocolate eyecandy from the Shortcuts Route For Life always has more than one purpose.
When you click through the chocolate eyecandy, or above-below chocolate eyecandy,
you are bound to find the PowerGems strewn about the Shortcuts Route For Life.
These PowerGems are the master secrets of the universe, that always work.
As always, your opinions are 100 percent worthless prior to knowledge,
and, more important than knowledge, a string of winning experience.
Without the winning experience, why should we honor your opinion?
Better to try the Chocolate EyeCandy route, first, THEN speak.
The Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life welcome you,
to the most chocolate eyecandy capital of all chocolate eyecandy capitals.
You cannot learn less about anything, right? So, learn more, so you can live more.
Both the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life are imitations of masters,
the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and those living stronger for longer.

After you know YOUR basics of the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life , practice begins.
Once you develop skills in YOUR Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life , you are set to go.
The Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life welcome you into the Chocolate EyeCandy Capital.

Chocolate can deliver happiness, chocolate germinates your smile,
one melting most of our angers, promulgating only the best of definers.
Deliver us a bit more dark chocolate, crafting words between chocolate lines,
where the way of such Chocolate wisdom, casts a spell so serene, Divine.
There is just no way that man can say, how Chocolate seems to find its way,
especially when it's being created often many times throughout one given day.
Chocolate might be bumpy roads, and then Chocolate might keep the circle closed,
and still when it's counted, that row got hoed, and proof is in the magic, just one part of the show.
When the answers and the questions get too blurry to be seen, in the focus of the moment, they will show themselves agleam,

the resolutions that you knew at once, gainsay inaction to illuminate the dunce...
and yet we hear you remonstrate, even when your actions fail to demonstrate,
that you possess the knowledge that will wipe away your sorrows.
Add some chocolate magic, what we see and what we don't...
if and but are words for then, when you really won't.

So, we have yet, to observe you demonstrate, the chocolate deep inside you in what form you make it take.
Chocolate is a choice of laughter, chocolate shows how much you matter,
when you care enough to let it out, your soul inside shouting out.
Where is YOUR sweet chocolate, where's the best we'll see in you,
must the druthers of the moment crush the best of all your truth?

Chocolate Shortcuts

Chocolate shortcuts may be all that,
so tuck a chocolate shortcuts up inside your hat.
These are the shortcuts, chocolate shortcuts of life,
designed, like other EyeCandy, to help reduce all our strife.
By learning with pleasure, chocolate shortcuts at leisure,
you'll find stress reduced by material measure.

chocolately shortcuts all chocolately to the good,
because chocolate shortcuts, teach what we could.

Whether we should, or more, whether we would,
is why chocolate shortcuts show us,
just what's under your hood.
It matters not, if the meaning is clear,
suffice it to say chocolate shortcuts are here.
Reach for your best in all that you do,
you'll find success, deep and true.
Little chocolate shortcuts are just along for the fun,
for chocolate shortcuts teach us how to yield more sun.

That's why the Shortcuts Route For Life brings the occasional chocolate shortcuts.
In at least these first decades of there being a public and working internet,
for the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life to grow so huge,
it appears that the Shortcuts Route For Life working box of chocolate on this page,
beyond what seems possible, is the first and still only working box of chocolate online.
WHY no one else has created this working box of chocolate before MisterShortcut did,
well, that's anyone's guess, including yours, as long as it's a chocolate shortcut type.
All the working boxes of chocolate online, as of this writing, are by MisterShortcut.
Kindly remember this portion of YOUR Shortcuts Route For Life core principle:
Putting a deadline on a dream is the magical step to converting it to a goal.
A goal is NOT much more than a dream with a deadline placed upon it.
What are YOUR greatest dreams & goals? Are they worth writing?
If so, less talk, and more action, please, even in this minute.
Live YOUR Shortcuts Route For Life, with written goals,
and the underlying hunger that drives all big action.
Dive into YOUR working box of chocolates,
the first working box of chocolate online

At risk of seeming unnecessarily redundant, despite assurances that there is large purpose taking place within these inscriptions,
the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life welcome YOU to the first working box of chocolate online.

Fill YOUR today with chocolate shortcuts, and your own perception of your own Shortcuts Route For Life.
Support your health with air, water, never-heated oil, air-dried sea salt, fiber (bulk), and probiotics.
THESE are the six most vital foods we can put into our bodies for thriving health & longevity,
THESE are master secrets at the core of your own Shortcuts Route For Life . Live sweeter, on purpose.
Great things routinely come to those who are willing to invest the price of making their dreams come true.

As with all 2,389 MisterShortcut self-help websites, the Shortcuts Route for Life and Shortcuts Route For Life , all free for your life,
are sister websites to the Shortcuts Route For Life and Shortcuts Route For Life , with unique approaches on each, for unique people.
Begin, and sustain, the greatest journey and adventure of YOUR lifetime, just adopting and embracing the greatest shortcuts of all time.